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About us

Why shop on Cropslist?

Explore Cropslist for top-quality Ghanaian rice and agricultural products. We connect you directly with local farmers, ensuring quality, traceability, and support for smallholder communities.

Cropslist: Where Technology Bridges Markets and Expands Farmer Horizons

Welcome to Cropslist, a pioneering initiative by AgUnity, where each grain of rice not only feeds but also leads a story of transformation, empowerment, and collective strength. At Cropslist, we’re not just connecting farmers to markets; we’re forging robust cooperatives, weaving a tapestry of data-driven agriculture that benefits the entire value chain – from the farmer tilling the land to the consumer enjoying the harvest.

Our Vision: A World Where Every Grain Counts

We dream of a world where agriculture is a journey of continuous improvement and shared prosperity. We envision a future where every grain of rice embodies the principles of sustainability, empowerment, and innovation.

Transforming Agriculture with Consumer Insights

Cropslist harnesses consumer data to create a responsive and dynamic agricultural ecosystem. By aligning consumer preferences with farmer production, we ensure that the crops grown meet market demands, fostering a cycle of supply that is both efficient and in tune with market needs.

Strengthening Groups and Cooperatives

We believe in the power of unity. By providing a digital backbone for smallholder groups, Cropslist transforms collective efforts into a formidable force that uplifts lives and builds a resilient supply chain. Together, we establish a foundation for efficient, cooperative-led agriculture that stands the test of time.

Connecting Buyers and Processors

Cropslist presents a marketplace that brings the finest Ghanaian rice to the forefront. We facilitate a direct link between buyers and processors, ensuring that the path from field to market is streamlined and that the finest grains find their way to tables across the globe.

Empowering Farmers: Cultivating Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Our commitment to farmers goes beyond advisory services; we ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within. With tools that provide historical data and benchmarks, Cropslist empowers farmers to take command of their growth and fosters a culture of informed decision-making and self-sufficiency.

Collaborating with Service Providers

We extend an invitation to banks, insurers, input providers, and beyond to become part of a movement that's fueling the growth of a nation. Cropslist is your conduit to the heart of Ghana's agriculture, empowering you to make a difference in the lives of those who feed nations.

Driving Efficiency and Insight Through Digital Integration

Cropslist is at the vanguard of digitising agriculture, offering clarity and coordination to the value chain. This leap in digital integration allows for enhanced efficiency, reduced waste, and a more resilient sector, paving the way for a future where every grain truly counts.

Call to Action (CTA)

We invite you to join this transformative journey. Your engagement with Cropslist is a step towards a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous agricultural world.

Welcome to Cropslist – Bridging Markets and Expanding Farmer Horizons.