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Okata Farms
Okata Farms, known for their products under the brand name Oka Foods, is a remarkable presence in the lush Volta region of Ghana. Founded in the 1980s, their cooperative now includes over 3,000 smallholder farmers. They have embarked on a path of impressive agricultural innovation, committed to sustainable production methods.
Their Product Range:
Okata Farms is proud of their diverse range of agricultural products, which includes:

- Rice: Grown with expertise in the fertile soils of the Volta region, their rice is a symbol of quality and natural richness.
- Flour and Starch: Their processing methods ensure the highest quality, offering versatility for various culinary applications.
- Palm Oil: Produced sustainably, their palm oil stands for purity and environmental responsibility.

Innovation and Sustainability:
Okata Farms is at the forefront of agricultural innovation. They have adopted modern technologies and sustainable farming practices, ensuring their operations are both productive and environmentally friendly. This approach allows them to produce high-quality products while preserving the natural ecosystem.

Community and Empowerment:
The essence of Okata Farms is in their community of smallholder farmers. Their dedication and expertise are crucial to the quality of the produce. This cooperative model fosters a strong sense of community, growth, and shared success among the farmers.

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