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Lam Naturals
Founded in 2019 and nestled in the vibrant town of Asutuare, Ghana, Lam Naturals is a dynamic subsidiary of Cornelius Farms. Led by Sheila Cornelius, a passionate entrepreneur who transitioned from a mechanical engineering career to champion climate-responsive entrepreneurship, Lam Naturals has emerged as a leader in sustainable agriculture.
Diverse Product Offerings:
Lam Naturals offers a diverse range of high-quality agricultural products and household consumables, distinguished by their commitment to sustainability:

• Rice: The flagship Okorewaa Rice from Lam Naturals is cultivated with a deep commitment to sustainable farming practices, ensuring environmental care at every step of production.
• Mangoes and Vegetables: Grown on fertile lands, their mangoes and vegetables are celebrated for their freshness and quality, embodying the company’s dedication to natural farming methods.
• Household Consumables: Extending their ethos of sustainability to daily essentials, Lam Naturals provides consumers with eco-friendly and reliable household products.

Empowering Community and Entrepreneurship:
Sheila Cornelius’s entrepreneurial journey is noteworthy for her commitment to balancing professional responsibilities with personal life. Her involvement in the Women Entrepreneurs Transformation Program (WETP) and the GCIC business incubation program has been transformative, enhancing her leadership skills and operational efficiency. These programs have not only propelled Lam Naturals but have also supported a thriving community of women entrepreneurs.

Choose Lam Naturals:
Choosing Lam Naturals means supporting a brand that stands for sustainability, community empowerment, and innovative agricultural practices. Each purchase contributes towards a greener future and supports the livelihoods of local farmers and their families, making a tangible difference in the pursuit of sustainable development.
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