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Evivi Rice, a proud product of Newage Agric Solutions Limited, Ghana’s leading name in agricultural excellence. They bring to your table the finest long-grain rice, meticulously grown and processed in the heart of Ghana. Their rice is not just food; it's a testament to the dedication and skill of local farmers, supported by innovative agricultural practices.
Evivi Rice is more than just a staple; it's a premium, long-grain variety cultivated with passion and precision. Grown by skilled smallholder Ghanaian farmers, our rice is the culmination of the Chi-Gaba rice project, a landmark initiative that bridges traditional farming wisdom with modern agricultural techniques.

Their Journey:
At Newage Agric Solutions Limited, they believe in nurturing the land that feeds us. Their journey began with a commitment to enhancing the quality and accessibility of agricultural inputs and services across Ghana. Today, they stand as the top supplier of hybrid seeds and fertilisers, partnering with renowned global brands and managing Ghana’s largest out-grower scheme.

Their Practices:
In cultivating Evivi Rice, they focus on sustainable farming practices. Their team of expert agronomists, plant breeders, and specialists continually innovate, finding new ways to enrich their farming protocols and blends. They run an extensive array of production projects, including their own farms, contract-farming, and comprehensive out-grower and in-grower schemes.

Chi-Gaba Rice Project:
The backbone of the Evivi Rice production, the Chi-Gaba rice project, is a testament to their commitment to community and quality. Supporting over 500 farmers across multiple regions, they ensure that every grain of rice is a product of careful nurturing and expert guidance. Their farmers are equipped with essential inputs and technical assistance, ensuring high yields and sustainable practices.

Their Promise:
Every pack of Evivi Rice you purchase supports the vision of a self-sufficient Ghana in rice production. With each grain, you experience the richness of Ghanaian soil and the dedication of the farmers.

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